Jianing Mi

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

​Post​doctoral Fellow




Research Interests

LC-MS-based Metabolomics

Selected Publications

  • J. Mi, S. Al-Babili. To color or to decolor: that is the question. Molecular Plant. (2019).
  • J. Mi, K.-P. Jia, A. Balakrishna, Q. Feng, S. Al-Babili. A highly sensitive SPE-derivatization-UHPLC-MS approach for quantitative profiling of carotenoid-derived dialdehydes from vegetables. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2019).
  • J. Mi, K.-P. Jia, A. Balakrishna, J. Y. Wang, S. Al-Babili. An LC-MS profiling method reveals a route for apocarotene glycosylation and shows its induction by high light stress in Arabidopsis. Analyst. (2019).
  • J. Mi, K.-P. Jia, J. Y. Wang, S. Al-Babili. A rapid LC-MS method for qualitative and quantitative profiling of plant apocarotenoids. Analytica Chimica Acta. (2018).